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We offer truly independent financial advice. We are not affiliated to any other organisation which guarantees that our recommendations are based entirely on your individual circumstances.

Full Financial Planning

This is a collaborative approach where we work with you to map out a financial plan. At the heart of this are your objectives and we then recommend the most appropriate solution to meet these goals.

We consider your current asset position and make appropriate recommendations considering a range of investment tax wrappers.

We will also assess your appetite for investment risk and your capacity for loss to recommend the most appropriate investment solution.

Your financial plan will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it remains both relevant and appropriate.

Investment Planning

Whether you are investing for income, capital preservation or capital growth, we can build an investment solution which matches your objectives. Using a range of independent research tools, we will make recommendations based on our thorough assessment of the market. We do not have any financial ties to product providers or fund managers and therefore we work exclusively for you, our clients.

With truly independent access to an extensive range of investment wrappers we will recommend the most tax efficient structure for your investments by considering your current financial position and your requirements for the money you invest.

We will assess your attitude towards investment risk and your ability to suffer volatility within your investments. We will also consider your other assets to ensure that the overall suitability is in line with your risk profile.

If you have an interest in a certain asset class or you have an ethical investment bias, just let us know and we can ensure that we build this into our recommendations.

Our recommendations are regularly monitored against various benchmarks to ensure that the investments selected remain risk appropriate, that performance remains strong and so that we can make alterations when appropriate.

Retirement Planning

Our advice can focus on assisting you with building a pot of money for retirement (accumulation), as well as a tax efficient strategy once you reach retirement (decumulation). We will help you to understand the tax advantages associated with paying into a pension and explain how pensions can manage the three main taxes:

• Income tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Inheritance Tax

As always the advice provided links back to your objectives and your risk profile and our recommendations are based on our truly independent research of the pension market.

After a lifetime of hard work, we want to provide peace of mind that your pensions are invested and are working in the most efficient manner to provide you with comfort and security throughout your retirement.

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

The concept of estate planning may sound daunting, especially considering the sensitive nature of the advice topic, but it can be a straightforward exercise.

Put simply it is about arranging your assets in such a way that more goes to the people you want.

We work closely with your private client solicitor and other advisers to ensure that you have a well formulated plan which meets all your objectives.

We can tell you about the use of trusts and other strategies to manage your Inheritance Tax position and utilise some very valuable allowances.

Everyone's circumstances are different. Planning can look at tax efficiency, ultimate control and protection for future beneficiaries, maintaining access to income and capital or a combination of the above. A bespoke plan will be implemented for you.

Inheritance Tax rules, tax laws and family circumstances do change, and this is why we regularly review your plan and arrangements and advise on any changes which may be recommended.

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